Ashfield Aquatic Centre

Dive into Excellence: The Triumph of Ashfield Aquatic Centre.

In collaboration with FDC Constructions, Apollo Fabrication Group Pty Ltd played a crucial role in delivering the Ashfield Aquatic Centre—a dynamic project that blends community leisure with elite sports facilities. This modern center is expected to attract approximately half a million visitors annually, offering a diverse range of amenities, including four indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, sauna, steam room, gym, and a café. The complex steel design, featuring 200 tonnes of structural steel, incorporates a high-end 3-coat protective coating system. Notably, the Ashfield Aquatic Centre has been recognized with the prestigious NSW Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards.

Apollo Fabrication Group Pty Ltd collaborated closely with FDC Constructions to bring the Ashfield Aquatic Centre to fruition. The scope of Apollo’s involvement included the fabrication and installation of 180 tonnes of specialized steel structures, contributing to the overall structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the facility. The partnership aimed to meet the project’s unique challenges and deliver a world-class aquatic center that stands out in both design and functionality.


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