Parramatta Leagues Club

Precision and Ingenuity in Steel: The Unique Twist of Paramatta Leagues Club.

Paramatta Leagues Club, undertaken by Adco Constructions, is a community-focused project that involves the construction of a distinctive facility. The design of this architectural masterpiece incorporates a sequential ‘twist’ effect, showcasing a subtle yet captivating aesthetic. The project required a high level of precision and ingenuity to bring this unique vision to life.

Apollo played a crucial role in the Paramatta Leagues Club project, providing expertise in structural engineering and construction. The scope included the fabrication and installation of 150 tonnes of specialized steel structures, a testament to Apollo’s commitment to precision and innovation. The team collaborated closely with Adco Constructions to ensure the seamless integration of the ‘twist’ effect into the overall design, contributing to the project’s architectural excellence.


Adco Constructions


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