Work in Progress: Barangaroo Pier Pavilion Project

Excited to share behind-the-scenes progress on the stunning Barangaroo Pier Pavilion Project!

We’re excited to share a glimpse into our ongoing work at the Barangaroo Pier Pavilion! Our team at Apollo Fabrication Group Pty Ltd has been hard at work bringing this stunning architectural vision to life. Check out these behind-the-scenes shots of the intricate Architecturally Exposed Structural Steelwork (AESS) at Level 3 (Feature level) as per AS/NZ 5131 standards.

Concept to Completion: Our journey from initial design concepts to the meticulous trial assembly has been remarkable. Each phase demonstrates our commitment to precision and innovation.

Oculus Installation: We’ve successfully completed the trial assembly and installation of the impressive 13-tonne oculus, a key feature of this project.

Collaborating with Stephen Edwards Constructions, we’re ensuring every detail meets the highest standards of quality and precision. Stay tuned as we continue to bring this architectural masterpiece to life!


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